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COVID-19 current status

Last edited 19/07/19


Important announcements following recent guidance published by the UK Government relating to England.


Recent announcements by the UK Government have allowed the following to take place in England.  All the following our bound by Government guidelines to ensure the activity is COVID-19 COMPLIANT.


I can assure all clients that I have completed risk assessments, am insured and have minimised equipment used and that all equipment which is used has been thoughly cleaned both before and after use. I also have the appropraite PPE available should it be mandated or should the need arise.


Please note that it is important that I have contact details of all class participants in case 'Trace and Contact' is required.


Saturday 25th July 2020:

Indoor sport facilities, gyms and swimming pools may open if they meet the Covid-19 Secure guidelines.  Fitness classes can resume in community Halls etc. provided they meet Covid-19 secure guideleines.


Friday 17th July 2020:

It has been confirmed that Group exercise instructors and personal trainers are now permitted to run outdoor classes in England for up to 30 people, including the instructor.  In this instance, the class is treated as an "event" and that means further risk analysis and Government guidelines must be followed in addition to that required for groups of up to 6 persons.

  • Classes must be delivered in line with the Government’s new guidance for “Organising outdoor sport and physical activity events".
  •  In this context, ‘events’ are classed as instructed delivery of physical activity/exercise sessions in a group setting by a qualified and competent instructor. Examples include group exercise classes such as dance fitness, group personal training, HIIT, boot camps, yoga and Pilates.
  • Operating strictly within government guidance and ensuring their written event delivery plans are COVID secure
  • Communicating clearly and consistently with all participants, and support staff including volunteers
  • Being adaptable to change, for example if a local lockdown were to be necessary.
  • Test track and trace requirements including recording of participants and officials to facilitate contacting by NHS Test and Trace if needed. Please make sure you keep a register of all attendees for 21 days in case of infection
  • Maintaining physical and personal hygiene – instructors should, where possible, ensure they make available or encourage participants to bring their own alcohol hand gel to use immediately before and after the class. Equipment must not be shared
  • Keeping participants and staff safe by implementing social distancing measure – a distance of 2m should be kept between all class attendees and instructors
  • Instructors should use common sense when choosing an outdoor class venue and conduct a full risk assessment to identify around barriers to and hazards affecting accessibility
  • Instructors must seek permission from the landowner before setting up any outdoor classes


Monday 13th July 2020:

Therapeutic Sport Massage can take place in a controlled environment.


Monday 6th July 2020:

Community Halls etc. are allowed to open but exercise classes are not permitted.


Saturday 4th July 2020:

The key changes to the current guidance are:

  • Two households can meet indoors or outdoors (even if this exceeds six people). This means that personal training or exercise can take place indoors between members of two households (including the trainer’s household) provided hygiene and social distancing guidance is observed between members of different households. ‘Indoors’ is limited to private homes - indoor sports or leisure facilities must unfortunately remain closed at this time.
  • There is no limit on the numbers of people from two households who can meet outdoors, provided social distancing is observed between members of different households. This means a trainer could meet with more than five other people outdoors, but only if those people are all from the same household.
  • There is no change to the limit of six people from different households who can meet for exercise outdoors, with social distancing.
  • From 4 July, people who are shielding can take part in one-to-one or group exercise indoors or outdoors, following the above guidance on numbers. Clinically vulnerable people should take extra care to minimise social contact with those outside their household, and be diligent about social distancing and hand hygiene.
  • From 4 July, outdoor gyms (defined as “an outdoor space containing exercise fixtures and/or machines”) can open, at the discretion of the owner/operator. Trainers may use them for one-to-one or group sessions, with permission from the owner/operator, provided that social distancing and hygiene rules are observed, and within the numbers outlined above (a maximum of six people from different households). Click HERE for detailed Government guidance on outdoor gyms and playgrounds.


Monday 1st June 2020:

The key points are:

  • Personal training and coaching is allowed, provided that it takes place outdoors and all current social distancing and hygiene measures are observed.
  • one-to-one training can take place in a private garden, while observing social distancing and hygiene rules.
  • Personal training, coaching and group exercise can take place in groups of up to six people (including the trainer/coach) in a garden or public outdoor space, provided that two metre social distancing and other hygiene measures can be observed.
  • A trainer or coach can meet with multiple clients (or groups) per day but should avoid overlapping sessions to prevent congregation of people.
  • Parents can take their children to a one-to-one outdoor training/coaching session, provided the gathering does not exceed six people.
  • Sports coaches or trainers undertaking one-to-one sessions should ensure they are complying with relevant National Governing Body Safeguarding Policies and Procedures and conduct a thorough risk assessment before engaging in any sessions. This should include particular consideration for under 18s and vulnerable adults.
  • Appropriate insurance policies should be in place for all activities.
  • Use of equipment should be kept to a minimum (and only used if stringent hygiene practices can be assured, meaning the thorough cleaning of all equipment before and after use).


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