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Your Questions, My Answers

Here are some frequently asked questions but please e-mail me if you have others.


Question: I would like to use a personal trainer but how much would it cost me to work with you?


Answer: Personal Training and Sports Massage can start from as little as £20 per session.  This is dependant on the number of sessions booked, pre-payment and the length of the session.


Question: I currently go to a local gym. Can you personal train me at my gym?


Answer: This will depend on the policy of your gym.  Many are very flexible but some don't allow it.  Speak with your gym or contact me and I will make contact.



Question: I am thinking of joining a gym but would like to gain confidence before joining. Can you still personal train me?


Answer: Yes.  We can work together in a number of ways (a) outdoor training if conditions are good (b) from your home as I can bring all the equipment I need with me (c) at Sedbergh People's Gym & Fitness Centre - where I work or at a number of other local gyms and studios that provide pay as you go facilities.


Question: Where do you carry out your sports massage?


Answer: I have a studio space I can use at my home but most of my work is mobile.  I have a portable massage table and call around to your house.  If you don't have the space or it would be inconvenient than I can try to identify alternative suitable locations.

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