New to running?


Maybe you have never run, or want to move on from the treadmill but are not confident about running outside alone? Or maybe you want a new challenge?


Then, why not try a LUNCH TIME MARATHON.


Dont worry... it's not a whole marathon in one lunchtime! 


Join this free running group and let’s improve together.  


The idea behind LUNCH TIME MARATHON is, that over the course of 12 weeks, a group of people that are new, or returning to running, cover the marathon distance of 26 miles and 385 yards - but in easy, manageable stages. 


Each run will last about 30 minutes and over the weeks as confidence, experience and fitness builds, the group will naturally get a little faster with less time walking and catching its' breath. Result: After 12 weekly sessions everyone should have achieved their personal 'marathon'.


 - This programme starts on Thursday 31st October.

 - Meeting Point Loftus Hill car park

 - Time: 12:15. 


There will be 6 weekly meets before Christmas with 6 to be scheduled for after the new year.


Going for a jog/run is a great way to meet new people, tone up, lose weight and get all the wellbeing benefits from being in the outdoors - whatever the weather.


At the end of each session, I will e-mail or text you the distance and time of that run, for your records.




RUN 1: 31/10/19 - 2.93km; 19.45 minutes

RUN 2: 07/11/19 - tba

RUN 3: 15/11/19 (please note this is a Friday run) - tba

RUN 4: 21/11/19 - tba



I have experience of organising similar running groups and a group that first met up in November 2013 progressed from an initial run of less than 3k.  From slow beginings the group improved and they went on to form a team to participate and complete a 10km charity run, which was organised by a local Rotary Club.



To ensure I can keep an eye on everyone, the group will be limited to a maximum of 8 participants.  


Please contact me to register your interest:

  • Either text me on 07962 220460 and include your name
  • or message me on Facebook: StuartWetherellFitness
  • or e-mail me at 



As run leader I will be carrying a mobile phone and a basic first aid kit. Runs are at a gentle to moderate pace and will start at a time around 30minutes, including warm up and cool down/stretching.  The run will depend on the experience and fitness of the participants.