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What Others Say About Stuart at S2FITNESS



Glenn Wellesley is an ISIA Alpine ski teacher, and following an accident had reconstructive surgery to his right anterior cruxial ligament. He had been on a rehabilitation and physiotherapy course to improve strength and tracking of the patella.  This is his testimonial:


"As a professional alpine ski teacher and racer, my fitness and mobility are of key importance. / ... In recent weeks you have conducted two sessions of sports massage and application of stretches to this area and this has had a positive effect on the mobility of my right knee."

Glenn Wellesley



Dean Harris is a keen amateur cyclist who lives just outside Stamford.  Like many keen sports participants, he suffers from muscle tightness and soreness which can effect his performance. For Dean his legs and in particular his calf muscles are where he needs help.


Just a quick note to let you know that the calf felt good today after your massage. No soreness in either left or right legs! I've not been this pain free since 1999!"

Dean Harris



Nigel Whiting is not a gym user but likes to keep active. This is his experience of working with Stuart Wetherell:


“Stuart has been my Personal Trainer for over a year now. I find the sessions varied, interesting an informative. This, coupled with Stuarts encyclopaedic knowledge of how the body works and an excellent trainer/client empathy enables a stretching but controlled session which means that I get the maximum benefit from our sessions. I am considerably fitter and more flexible than when we started!

Highly recommended.” NW - July 2020



Katherine Wiid is a regular gym user but over the years has suffered from a number of issues effecting her performance. This is her experience:


"After spending many years suffering from neck, shoulder and knee twinges that disrupted my regular gym sessions, Stuart was the first personal trainer who was able to put together exercise programmes for me that worked. His knowledge of physiology and how to rehabilitate injuries plus his patient encouraging style have boosted my confidence and ensure that I keep fit and healthy. It has also reduced the time I spend at the physio and osteopath!“ KW - March 2016



Mark Gray is a fitness enthusiast and member of Westside Health and Fitness Club in Stamford. This is his experience:


"I have been training on my own, or with a training partner, for over five years now - and although I would class myself as fairly fit and in good shape, I have always been striving to improve and struggled gaining the right shape or toned build that I was after. However having been following a routine set up by Stuart for coming up to three months now, two separate plans for a period of 6-8 weeks on each, I have already noticed a difference in my build and shape which has also been commented on by friends within the gym… If I have had any issues with the exercises or how to perform them correctly, I have always found Stuart very knowledgeable and happy to help in any way."  MG - 2013



Dawn Ball is a member of Westside Health and Fitness Club in Stamford. This is her experience of an 8 week programme with Stuart:


"During the time working with me, he defined, explained and carried out a number of training programmes....  He also evaluated and gave constructive feedback on my food diary.

Having followd his advice, I feel that I have been set on a positive course in my approach to the gym and overall health and fitness.  In all the years I have been going to the gym, I feel that at last I have made consistent progress."  DB - 2013






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